Childe’s Songwriting Survival Kit

Childe’s studio
Childe's studio

Childe’s studio: “It feels like I didn’t have enough paint for the picture before, now I do.”

Having been captivated by this electronic-pop artist’s debut EP, we learn all about the essentials needed to make his music

The ambient vibe of much of Childe’s debut EP shouldn’t be confused with a lack of depth. Over six songs the Wiltshire-raised/London-based electro-pop artist tackles topics such as trauma, loner-ism and addiction to destruction. Clearly an artist with something to say and an inventive way of sharing his message, he’s also no stranger to melody and pop hooks. Take the EP’s opening track Bad Ideas, for example: bursting with ideas, it builds from its brooding beginnings into something of an emotional outpouring.

With such an impressive debut under his belt, we were keen to discover more about how he makes his music…

Childe's Shure SM7

Childe’s Shure SM7: “This is my holy grail.”


This is my holy grail. Even though it’s become the podcast microphone, it solidified itself as Michael Jackson’s preferred mic. Learning to produce is helping me grow as a writer as well. It feels like I didn’t have enough paint for the picture before, now I do.


Even though my iPhone notes are jammed up with a thousand different things, I can’t write properly without having a notepad. I go through quite a few of them, but this is the one right now – Santa gave it to me in my stocking. I’m writing more in the third person this time around. With my first EP, it felt right to lay out how I was feeling and, of course, it’s impossible to not use songwriting as a way to process personal stuff, but I want to be able to listen to other peoples’ stories and write about that too. 

Childe's notepad

Childe’s notepad: “I can’t write properly without having a notepad.”


It’s got a bit of weight behind the keys compared to most MIDIs, which I really need. I stick it upright in my backpack and I’m away. I like to be able to set up and write when I go and see my family, especially through lockdown. This has been a lifesaver. 


I’ve had this since I was 14, my dad’s mate bought it for me. It’s my go-to writing guitar. I’ve got a bunch of better ones but it’s a good pal and I trust it. I tend to write more upbeat songs when I pick it up, so it’s sort of a magic trick: when I’m sitting at a piano writing about sad shit, I’ll go grab the stickers. 


I don’t go anywhere without it. LOL!

Childe’s debut EP is out now. For all his latest news, head over to his official Facebook page:

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