Bailey Bryan’s Songwriting Survival Kit

Bailey Bryan’s Songwriting Survival Kit
Bailey Bryan's Songwriting Survival Kit

Bailey’s Songwriting Survival Kit: “My snack of choice is hot and spicy Cheezits. No this isn’t sponsored, I just really love them.”

The rising Nashville singer-songwriter reveals her must-have items which include an old classical guitar, some spicy snacks and hot drinks

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Bailey Bryan fell in love with storytelling and songwriting at an early age, penning every track on her debut EP, So Far. The Washington State native has played for live audiences across the USA on dates with Kane Brown, Dan + Shay
and major festivals including CMA Music Fest and Stagecoach, as well as C2C this side of the pond, and she’s back in the UK this May joining LANCO for a string of dates.

As she released her charming and confident track Perspective – the second offering from another EP out later this year – we asked Bailey to reveal the essential items that support her craft and fuel her creativity…

“I’m always humming and writing down ideas, no matter where I am. But if I’m not on the road there are basically only two places where I can focus enough to actually finish a song, or fully form an idea. Those places are either in a studio somewhere with other co-writers, or alone… Literally just sitting on my bed. New rooms with co-writers challenge me and keep my creativity fresh which I love, but my bed in the corner of my room offers a special kind of safety where I can explore any thought, emotion or chord, and that’s where most of my favourite songs of mine have started.”

“I’m not a guitar geek, I honestly just need something to make a sound to go with my lyrics. All I know is that my mom brought it home from work one day when I was 12 because an old lady she used to work with just randomly gave it to her because my mom had mentioned to this lady that I love music. It’s the first guitar I ever played, and there’s just something about the way it sounds, every note has an imperfect warmth to it that I’m still addicted to writing to.”

Bailey Bryan

Bailey Bryan: “I always find it so helpful to physically write out what I think I’m trying to say.”

“My snack of choice is hot and spicy Cheezits. No this isn’t sponsored, I just really love them. They fuel my heart and mind.”

“Or both. Today I’m only having coffee while I write but on any given day you can find me writing and sipping on at least three different beverages at a time, I’m not sure why. I think I just get bored. But coffee and tea always included.”

“I write lots of lyrics on my phone, but when I’m stumped and I feel like I’m hitting a wall with my writing, or maybe I’ve started a song but I’m not sure where I want it to go, I always find it so helpful to physically write out what I think I’m trying to say. I’m a really visual and physical person so for some reason that act just realigns my thoughts.”

Bailey’s latest release Perspective is out now. To follow updates, visit

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    What’s left in the end is the song, long after we all leave this jolly globe, only the song will grace the lips of some gallant rouge or roug-ette. Truth is, the Nashville outlaw music revolt was a tapestry of all the little puzzle pieces that was stitched together over long courageous years by defiant misfits and hooligans who dared say no to regimented art who plunged into whirlpools of gut wrenching expose’s of their personal joys and miseries. Outlaw music is the sacred confessional of those who sought redemption from their wasted beautiful souls and turned brutal honesty into a glistening art form. It is one thing to write songs, but it’s another to crucify yourself publicly to a melody and sing it with hope in your eyes and a smile on your face.

    from my book.THE OUTLAW BIBLE This what your looking for ?

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