Kids label joins National Unplugging Day

Zeamu Music
Zeamu Music

Zeamu Music: aiming to “bridge the gap between nursery rhymes and Rihanna”

Record label for children, Zeamu Music, supports annual campaign asking British families to switch off their electronic devices this Sunday

Sunday 25 June is the third annual National Unplugging Day, where kids and adults alike are being asked to leave all their electronic devices alone for the day and enjoy each other’s company the old-fashioned way. Last year saw the involvement of over half a million UK families and brands come together and participate on the day itself.

This year Zeamu Music, a new music label created for kids aged four to seven, have joined the campaign. The label aims to address the lack of original pop music for young fans, and was created to “bridge the gap between nursery rhymes and Rihanna”.

“I’m really proud of this project and when I first recorded these brilliantly written and produced pop songs I knew I had something special which kids have never heard before,” says Zeamu Music’s Natalie Barowitz. “The Zeamus sing about stuff that matters to them. They sing about summer holidays and embarrassing relatives. They express what it feels like to be seven years old and lonely in the playground or scared of the dark.”

By joining forces with National Unplugging Day, Zeamu Music is asking us all – not just children, but adults too – to pack away the phones, tablets, games consoles and laptops for just a day. So why not grab an acoustic instrument, some paper and a pen, and spend the day writing songs!

To find out more about Zeamu Music go to and further details on National Unplugging Day at

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