88 Fingers Louie 'Thank You For Being A Friend' album artwork

‘Thank You For Being a Friend’ by 88 Fingers Louie (Album)

July 10, 2017 in Music

19 years is a long time between albums; some fans weren’t even alive. But now 88 Fingers Louie are back…

Dangers 'Kiss With Spit' single cover

‘Kiss With Spit’ by Dangers (Single)

October 25, 2016 in Music

This Californian four-piece prove they are true engineers of their craft, as they look to develop their sound once more…

Feast by Fizzy Blood

Feast by Fizzy Blood (EP)

June 16, 2015 in Music

On their new EP ‘Feast’, Leeds quintet Fizzy Blood let you gorge yourself upon their unique and infectious punk qualities…