‘Kiss With Spit’ by Dangers (Single)

Dangers ‘Kiss With Spit’ single cover

Dangers: quick, to-the-point and, most importantly, heavy.

This Californian four-piece prove they are true engineers of their craft, as they look to develop their sound once more

Dangers 'Kiss With Spit' single coverNow on the verge of releasing their third LP, Los Angeles hardcore punkers Dangers have stepped up a gear in their continued quest to ‘grow their sound’, explains lead singer, Alfred Brown IV: “We wanted to take a more critical approach to creating new music. We tried not to change our sound…”

It is hard to believe this band has been around over a decade, and they are easily one the hardest working bands out there. A lot of artists talk of crafting their art and challenging themselves and the public, yet few rarely accomplish it. Dangers’ music is quick, to-the-point and, most importantly, heavy. These guys don’t mess about: if they have something to say about the state of the planet, then they say it. It’s not poetic and it’s not shrouded in mystery; the songs are short, but there are a lot of different influences at play.

The chugging guitars on latest single Kiss With Spit keep an even pace for the first 60 seconds; not the band’s quickest of songs, but a cool, pouting beat-down of thrash all the same. The second 60 seconds doubles in pace… and then it’s over! Brown has proven himself to be right; the sound is the same, but the indication that they have tinkered is there. It’s not the band’s best song, but going by what we know of these guys the album won’t disappoint.

Verdict: A promising insight into what’s next

Dave Chrzanowski

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