Top Swedish songwriters launch foundation

Björn Ulvaeus, Niclas Molinder and Max Martin
Björn Ulvaeus, Niclas Molinder and Max Martin

The Swedish trio behind the foundation (left to right): Björn Ulvaeus, Niclas Molinder and Max Martin

Pop master Max Martin, ABBA orchestrator Björn Ulvaeus and Twin producer Niclas Molinder get set to raise Music Rights Awareness

Swedish songwriters Björn Ulvaeus, Max Martin and Niclas Molinder have launched Music Rights Awareness Foundation, with the vision that all music creators should be compensated fairly for the music they share with the world. The founders identified a situation where songwriters, producers and musicians are experiencing uncertainty over how to navigate the digital marketplace – where their work is disseminated in a myriad of ways – and, in many cases, are being exploited financially.

“Information and education is obviously always key and I am hoping Music Rights Awareness, together with others, will help the creative community help themselves in the challenges ahead,” says Max Martin.

“In the new, digital world the songwriter is often the weaker part in a negotiation. Knowledge is power and that’s where Music Rights Awareness comes in,” adds Björn Ulvaeus.

“While working together, we realised that there is an ignorance when it comes to rights among both songwriters and the industry,” recalls Niclas Molinder. “We are convinced that many of the legal disputes that are now underway could have been averted, and with Music Rights Awareness we can help the world’s musicians at a broader level.”

Music Rights Awareness will be an apolitical foundation, working to increase the knowledge of music rights worldwide. Through education and support, they aim to help music creators take control of their rights and be able to make a living from their music – regardless of economical, geographical or cultural conditions.

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