The Week In Review (28 August – 3 September)


Post-hardcore fans, you have a friend in us. Image by Tim Schapker

We’re back folks and this week we have a classic by one of the most utterly brilliant post-hardcore bands ever

After the joy of last week’s bank holiday, we hope you’ve not had a jolt back to work. Well, if you have then we’re back to bring you an absolutely blistering classic to put the sugar in your Sunday coffee. But first, what have we been up to?

Well, we’ve been continuing to dine on the delights of the latest season of Rick and Morty. For those of you who’ve not sampled its genius, we suggest that you rearrange your diary and fill it instead with catching-up on Adult Swim’s finest creation.

Then there was Game Of Thrones. Though we’re certain you’re up-to-date, we’ll keep all the glorious details secret (no spoilers here). Instead, we’ll offer one word for season 7: wow.

Now, though, here’s that delicious classic. Enjoy!

Classic Of The Week

‘And The Sad Thing Is…’ by The Icarus Line (1998)

We have no fear of stepping into controversy here, so here goes: today we’re giving you a song by what was briefly the most cathartic post-hardcore of the past twenty years, more so even than At The Drive-In. So listen to this utterly brilliant track and spend the remainder of the day picking your shattered jaw up from the floor.

Classic Of The Week Playlist

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