The Week In Review (14 – 20 August)


Our latest Classic Of The Week is a nu metal stunner. Image by Silvio Tanaka

After a week away, we’re back with your Sunday treat and this edition features a truly stunning nu metal track for you

We’re back, folks! We are sorry that we missed a week, but it couldn’t be helped – we promise – because we were at Boomtown. Despite a disgusting queue ‘system’ (if you were there then you’ll understand), we had an absolute blast. We hope that some of you went and had an equally brilliant time.

Now, though, we’re going to bring you our usual selection of top tunes. Enjoy!

Classic Of The Week

‘7 Words’ by Deftones (1995)

Boy did we feel old when discovering that this song was released nearly 22 years ago. There are so many tracks we could pick from the excellent back catalogue of Sacramento’s finest alt-metal band. 7 Words won out because it’s a brilliantly concise summary of Deftones’ enthralling, adrenaline (see what we did there?) soaked rage.

Classic Of The Week Playlist

Songs Of The Week

Song: Suitcase
Artist: Ostler

Song: All This Life
Artist: Starsailor

Song: Mourning Sound
Artist: Grizzly Bear

Song: Man Didn’t Walk on the Moon
Artist: Nerina Pallot

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