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Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony: “I wanted the single to be a charity single”

A London solo artist has decided to donate the proceeds of his next single to the Balls To Cancer charity

North London solo artist, Mark Anthony has announced that all the proceeds from his forthcoming single, I Still Miss You, will be donated to Balls To Cancer. Written and recorded at Attic Studios in May 2015, the charity release is a follow up to last year’s singles An 80s Vibe and London City.

“The song was written from the perspective of someone who has lost a person close to them,” explains Anthony. “Because of the message within the song, I wanted the single to be a charity single, so I then spoke with the Balls To Cancer charity, about donating all of the proceeds from the single to their charity, which they gracefully accepted.”

The Balls To Cancer charity was set up to offer support to sufferers and families dealing with cancer. Hosting fundraising events and awareness campaigns with various famous faces, has helped raise awareness of male cancers.

Joined by rapper Hi Breed and singer Paul Lee, Anthony formed the music group The Meds Collective, and teamed up with producer BA Nusance to record together in 2012. The group continued to build a fan base across the UK and Europe, before Anthony chose to start writing, recording and performing as a solo artist. He is also a music columnist for North London magazine The Crouch End Connection and hosts a weekly show on Shoreditch Radio.

I Still Miss You is now available for pre-order via all digital outlets, ahead of the release date on 20 June 2016. Watch the official music video for the single below and view Mark Anthony’s official website at:

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