Iggy Pop’s back in the recording studio

Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop

Could Iggy Pop be set to release a new album?

Iconic hellraiser has recorded five new tracks, having hinted in June that his most recent album might be his last

It’s been just eight months since the enduring punk icon Iggy Pop released his seventeenth studio album, Post Pop Depression, but The Stooges frontman will have delighted fans with the news that he’s already recorded another five new songs.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Pop said: “I’ve made five recordings since then [the release of Post Pop Depression]. But they were all recordings not where I’m about, ‘Hey, I’ve got something to say!’ No, it was just, people called me up and said, ‘Do you want to do a vocal with me, about this, under this circumstance?’ More like guesting.”

Continuing: “I would prefer to do that for a while. You know, there are people I like. I like the people I’ve recorded with — I can’t tell you who they are! — very much.”

This will come to the delight of Iggy Pop’s fans, after he had hinted on the Graham Norton Show this June that Post Pop Depression would be his last album. Pop said: “I will step back at some point. Another album would be a big undertaking from an old git like me!”

Iggy Pop released his first solo album, The Idiot in 1977. It was recorded in collaboration with David Bowie, and Bowie has admitted that he used the record to serve his own creative purposes, saying: “Poor Jim, in a way, became a guinea pig for what I wanted to do with sound. I didn’t have the material at the time, and I didn’t feel like writing at all. I felt much more like laying back and getting behind someone else’s work, so that album was opportune, creatively.”

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