Classic Of The Week: At The Drive-In

At the Drive-In
Valmara, valmara, valmara, flechettes

“Valmara, valmara, valmara, flechettes” Image by Shane Hirschman

We’re back with another excellent classic and this week it’s by one of the finest post-hardcore acts of all time

It’s been a long seven days, folks. The leaves are turning, the air is freshening and the days are beginning to shorten; autumn is here and this last week has felt like the transition from one season to another.

Back before they were the most important punk act for a decade, El Paso, Texas, post-hardcore group At The Drive-In were the most exciting punk band since Nirvana.

The release of Relationship of Command was still two years away when this aggressively sexual track featured on the band’s stunning sophomore album, In/Casino/Out.

Chanbara doesn’t mark the beginning of At The Drive-In’s transition from chancers with potential, to legends. Instead, it’s a further affirmation of the genius that always resided within them.

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