‘The Tempest Of Old’ by Gabrielle Papillon (Album)

Gabrielle Papillon ‘The Tempest Of Old’ album cover
Gabrielle Papillon

Gabrielle Papillon: a skilled crafter of songs for this time of year

Her fifth album of folk-tinged ballads sees this Canadian songwriter pen a fittingly melancholic record for the end of summer

Gabrielle Papillon 'The Tempest Of Old' album coverWith the memory of summer slowly fading and the nights drawing in, the arrival of Gabrielle Papillon’s new album of autumnal laments seems well-timed. This is the fifth offering from the Canadian singer-songwriter and her sweeping shanties provide an apt soundtrack to the changing seasons.

From the opening guitar and violin of Got You Well, there is an ominous overtone to The Tempest Of Old which both compliments and carries Papillon’s voice. On tracks like Preach Love, Idling and Symphony Of Better Times, she wraps her rich vocals around melancholy folk ballads, augmenting their mood with her poignant singing style. Brother, Throw Down is the most menacing moment on the record; a marching drumbeat only adds to the sense of danger.

The nostalgic Well Beneath brings the album to a conclusion – it is the last twinkle of a music box that’s about to close and a fitting end. Occasionally you can’t help but wish for summer to return, and for a more upbeat tune to burst through the greying sky, but Papillon has proved that she is a skilled crafter of songs for this time of year.

Verdict: A poetic folk tapestry

Duncan Haskell

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