Suicide by Algernon Doll (Single)

Algernon Doll suicide

Algernon Doll

Scotland’s Algernon Doll tease the expectations with ‘Suicide’, the latest single to be released from their upcoming third album ‘Omphalic’

Algernon Doll

mere three months ago, Scotland’s Algernon Doll released Spilt Milk Perfume, a single whose anthemic hooks were a marked contrast to the touching indie-folk that had previously inspired Ewan Grant’s songwriting.

Suicide is the latest single to be drawn from Algernon Doll’s hotly anticipated third album Omphalic. Trading in the same fuzzed up rage as Spilt Milk Perfume, its stop-start rhythms come across as a less effete Sebadoh, or more exuberant Autolux. Grant’s voice also has the same kicked from the pit of the stomach, resigned quality that made Lou Barlow a near apologetic vocalist. It’s one that gives his evident grit a sincerity that’s replete, in the finest songwriters of the alt-rock canon.

Imbued with an energy that turns despair into a creative, rather than self-reflective force, Suicide is an ironically entitled number that further entrenches Algernon Doll in the sound of Seattle bile. With a tempo that demands holes are kicked in concert floors, it tickles the adrenaline levels tantalisingly and sees the pupils dilate in anticipation.

Roll on June 30 and the arrival of what is set to be one of the hottest alt records of a scorching summer.

Verdict: Anthemic alt rock

Damien Girling

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