‘Songs From The Mirror’ by McGoozer (Album)

McGoozer ‘Songs From The Mirror’ album cover

McGoozer: steps out of the shadows to release his own debut album

Scottish singer Paul McGee is making up for lost time with the release of his debut offering of well-crafted pop

McGoozer 'Songs From The Mirror' album coverHaving been a session musician, backing singer and a Blues Brother, it’s finally time for Glasgow-born artist McGoozer (Paul McGee) to step out of the shadows and release his own debut album. His brothers Brian McGee and Owen Paul have already tasted success and, on the strengths of this record, it’s a safe bet that McGoozer will continue his family’s hot streak.

The almost-title-track Song From The Mirror gets things started and immediately introduces the McGoozer sound, with a clean production providing the ideal accompaniment for his rich and powerful vocals. One & Only Girl has some of Jack Johnson’s light touch and My Sweet Butterfly is a ballad that you can imagine Gary Barlow belting out. Such comparisons don’t fully represent his full range though and you can hear hints of his musical theatre background on Easy To Love You and Stand Up.

Rather than chasing the latest trend or packing his songs with gimmicky production tricks, McGoozer has instead concentrated on solid songcraft. By the time Last Goodbye closes the curtain on the album, he has presented the listener with a compelling argument for why there should always be a space in their collection for this sort of mature pop music.

Verdict: Pop with a timeless feel

Duncan Haskell

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