So It Goes by Moulettes (Single)


Brighton band Moulettes trade in idiosyncratic pop that bears favourable comparison to one of the finest songwriters of any generation

Moulettes So It Goesomparisons to Kate Bush are risky for any act. Such is the affection in which the reclusive songwriter is held, that tickets to her upcoming first live performance in 35 years sold out before the ink had even hit the paper, let alone dried.

Such though has been the assessment afforded to Brighton’s Moulettes, whose soaring and idiosyncratic pop has seen them as nominees for Best Group in the Alternative BRIT Awards and winners of Best Band at the 2013 Spiral Awards.

Single So It Goes is taken from their third album Constellations, and is a pleasant truism among grandiose proclamations. Opening with a droplet of electronica and a rapidly unravelling acoustic guitar riff, it’s quick to see why the line to one of England’s finest songwriters has been drawn. Hannah Miller’s vocals are elastic, lively, velvety and just a little English. With the ability to carry a tune on her own, it’s no surprise that the music follows her vocal line.

By no means, though, is the band simply there to back her up. Indeed, the music would stand tall and proud on its own; together they are brilliant. It does feel at points that the song might fall prey to sharing the same air as electro-swing; such is the way that it careens through its three-minute length. Happily though this fear is never realised and So It Goes stays true to itself.

With the big sound of classic 80s pop  filtered through an indie sensibility – think Fine Young Cannibals covering Marching Band – So It Goes is both effortlessly catchy and naturally cool; a track that that would be played during revision in a university coffin and catch the ear of the visiting parent, with each enjoying it mutually.

Verdict: Soaring classic pop with an indie vibe

Damien Girling

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