‘Parallel Lives’ by Gates (Album)

Gates ‘Parrallel Lines’ album cover

Indie rock quintet Gates: clearly trying to make a memorable impact while writing and recording this album

Sophomore release from this indie rock quintet delves deep into the crevices of life to study the nature of reality

Gates 'Parrallel Lines' album coverParallel Lives‘ theme was inspired by lead singer and guitarist Kevin Dye’s daily commute to work that saw him take the same subway at the same time every day, see the same people and eavesdrop on their conversations. It was these daily experiences that got him thinking how he would never know these people even though he saw them every day.

Habit is the perfectly titled first track to be released from the record. It offers a euphoric mix of subtle guitar riffs and mellow, reflective lyrics. The result provides an almost religious form of enlightenment with all the musical elements moving together in the same direction, avoiding any spikey retort.

Parallel Lives promises a journey down altering paths with songs referencing each other in lyrics and style, while managing to remain separate entities. The band were clearly trying to make a memorable impact while writing and recording this album, instead of concentrating on their individual talents. The result is a second album with a deep concept that provides a cathartic release for the soul.

Verdict: A thoughtful documentation of life that everyone can relate to

Dave Chrzanowski

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