The Sewer Rats ‘Money Maker’ EP cover

‘Money Maker’ by The Sewer Rats (EP)

The Sewer Rats

The Sewer Rats: hard rock overflowing with energy and aggression

On their debut EP, Grimsby three-piece The Sewer Rats have delivered a blistering and riff-heavy set of doom rock

The Sewer Rats 'Money Maker' EP coveroney Maker is the debut EP from Grimsby three-piece The Sewer Rats. With a reputation as a raw and riotous live act, this short collection of tracks tries to not only capture that same spirit, but also show that on record they have even more to offer. And it’s fair to say that they’ve succeeded with aplomb.

Skint combines a relentless riff, Lemmy-esque grunting and a brutal rhythm section to dizzying effect, it’s down-tuned, ominous and demonically gripping. Devil Blues has a double vocal track which provides a guttural exorcism appropriate of the song’s title. On Black Label Serotonin the tension loosens and things get slinky. This miniature jam allows just enough breathing space before the frenzy and feedback returns on the title track, before So Far Away closes this quintet of heavy riffage and virtuoso musicianship.

These five tracks simultaneously shake you up and embolden you. This is hard rock overflowing with energy and aggression, it’s Motörhead reinvigorated and modernised and it’s one of the most assured debut EPs you could wish to hear.

Verdict: An epic assault on the senses

Duncan Haskell

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