Medicine by Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors (Album)

‘Medicine’ by Drew Holcomb And The Neighbours cover
Drew Holcomb

Drew Holcomb – from the place where Americana crashes into mainstream pop and becomes universally accessible

Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors’ latest album has enough crossover appeal to delight fans of traditional Americana and country pop

'Medicine' by Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors coveredicine is the seventh studio release from Drew Holcomb and his shapeshifting backing band, The Neighbors. Recorded in just eight days at Nashville’s Middletree Studios, and without any obvious studio trickery, this is the sound of a group of musicians knowing what they want to achieve and how to make it happen.

Holcomb’s music comes from the place where Americana crashes into mainstream pop and becomes universally accessible. Much of Medicine has the same crossover appeal that Ryan Adams achieved with Gold. Tracks like Tightrope, Avalanche and Ain’t Nobody Got It Easy are instant highlights which bear all the hallmarks of Holcomb’s well-crafted folk repertoire.

The overarching message of the album is best summed up on the song Here We Go, a Jack Johnson style staccato proclamation. “Music, it makes you feel good / Makes you feel understood/ Like you’re not alone, you’re not a rolling stone” Holcomb speak-sings, paying tribute to the real medicine in his life, music.

Medicine sounds comfortingly familiar but there are enough distinctive moments, such as the bluesy hymn Sisters Brothers, for it to also offer something new to the genre. This is music for everyone, a soothing balm for the ears.

Verdict: Accessible Americana with healing powers

Duncan Haskell

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