Roli reveals new Noise on the Block

Roli Lightpad Block M
Roli Lightpad Block M

Roli Lightpad Block M: cello, saxophone, and other acoustic sounds can now be played through the various new soundpacks

The tech brand announces advancements to the Blocks range of modular controllers, including next-generation Lightpad Block and Noise 3.0 app

London-based technology company Roli has launched a new model of its Lightpad Block and a series of upgrades to its Noise app. The Lightpad Block M is the next generation of the Lightpad Block, a surface for sonic control, that launched in November 2016. Advancements of the Lightpad M include brighter​ ​surface​ ​illumination, a ​redesigned​ ​silicone​ ​surface​ ​layer and​ Microkeywaves​ which provide additional tactile feedback.

Music-makers can recreate the sounds of drums, cellos, flutes, synths, and hundreds of other instruments, by touching the Lightpad Block, which is both a palm-sized music-making device in its own right and a piece of the expandable Blocks modular system. The Lightpad M creates a more sensitive and precise playing experience that is on par with ROLI’s other instruments like the Seaboard Rise.

“In the last 10 months since we launched BLOCKS, we have continuously evolved the system with software and firmware updates as well as new hardware components like the Seaboard Block,” said CEO Roland Lamb. “Today with the release of the Lightpad Block M and NOISE 3.0, we are even more firmly establishing BLOCKS as the most powerful way to create music on the go. You can configure an endless number of production workflows and enjoy a range and depth of expression that was hard to imagine just a few years ago.”

The Lightpad M, the Seaboard Block, and the original Lightpad Block now come with mobile and desktop tools including Noise​ ​3.0​ and Noise Audio Unit for GarageBand, various acoustic​ ​instrumental​ ​soundpacks, Ableton​ ​Live​ ​Lite, Strobe2​ ​Player and Tracktion​ ​Waveform.

The newest version of ROLI’s free app Noise 3.0 introduces improvements to clip launching, clip editing, and user-interface navigation as well as new acoustic sounds. Together with the recent introduction of Seaboard View and Mixer Mode, the updates mean the Noise 3.0 becomes a mobile sketch pad for making music on the go.

The free Noise 3.0 is available to download from app stores worldwide. The Lightpad M is now available to purchase for £189.95​ on

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