It’s Not Your Fault by Francisco The Man (Single)

Francisco The Man-It’s Not Your Fault
Francisco The Man

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Think the 20 years following shoegaze’s inception was just a bend winding back to the start? You won’t be disappointed

Francisco The Man-It's Not Your Fault

os Angeles alt-rock band Francisco The Man probably hadn’t started elementary school when the curtain came down on 90s TV classic My So Called Life. It’s a cruel twist of birth date fate, because It’s Not Your Fault was born to feature in its soundtrack.

Opening with a riff that crunches like a joyous fusion of Buffalo Tom’s Birdbrain and Swervedriver’s Girl On A Motorbike, it slips seamlessly into a dreamy verse whose verve is a fitting riposte to shoegaze’s more ponderous pretenders. The chorus then steers straight into heart of Great Yarmouth’s finest, with the gorgeous hanging vocal harmonies and crashing guitars recalling Catherine Wheel’s She’s My Friend – though possessed of a gleeful contentment that Rob Dickinson never quite held.

90s early nineties sound is one that’s been done to death during the last few years, and been rammed down the auditory canals of anyone with a taste for plaid shirts and beaten-up DMs. It’s refreshing, then, to hear a track so in love with its inspiration that its desire is infectious.

Verdict: A sublime, shoegaze-inspired piece of alt-rock

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