Ice Cold Love by Sofia (Single)

Ice Cold Love

Sofia: ‘A writer who’s too sober to see her dismay as anything more than catharsis’

Sofia releases her latest single ‘Ice Cold Love’ and gives listeners a biting take on the empowering nature of heartache

Ice Cold Loveofia has been suggested as recommended listening for fans of both Tegan & Sara and Sara Watkins. With her single Ice Cold Love taking an acoustic guitar melody as its foundation, the comparison is favourable at the track’s outset. Sofia also shares Tegan & Sara’s irresistible knack for a pop melody and Sara Watkins’ stoicism. Here though the similarity fades, and for the better of the song.

Instead of taking an electro-pop tinge or cutesy, chamber country shade, Ice Cold Love is true to its name by adopting a chilly indie-folk charm. It’s befitting of its lyrical topic too, as Sofia informs the track’s subject that she’s over the heartache they caused her and that their love is both as welcome and distant as winter.

Ice Cold Love is as pleasant as a musical ‘fuck you’ can be, with melodies that are too certain to be downtrodden and a writer who’s too sober to see her dismay as anything more than catharsis. It’s this innate pleasantness, though, that’s both the song’s strength and weakness; while it’s endearing that heartache can absorbed with such balance, you do wonder if a little more frailty would draw you closer to Sofia.

This doesn’t detract from the song’s instant accessibility and finely honed songwriting, meaning that those who prefer to replace the sound of stilettos on your jugular with a pulse-tapping melody, will find much to enjoy in Ice Cold Love.

Verdict: Indie-folk whose heart is bruised but not broken

Damien Girling

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