Love Buzzard

Give It Some Range by Love Buzzard (Single)

Love Buzzard

‘I’m sure we had jackets…’ Love Buzzard caught among the trees

The upcoming duo Love Buzzard create a buzz that owes nothing to affection, and everything to scuzzy garage punk vibes

Love Buzzard

fter a year that’s seen them support hardcore luminaries such as Cerebral Ballzy and Slaves, garage-psych duo Love Buzzard’s single Give It Some Range arrives just before the release of their debut EP. Punching in at just between the two and 1.5 minute mark puts an emphasis on sharpening their musical message to a fine point; thankfully, they’re armed with hooks like razors and riffs like meat cleavers.

With a sound that owes its thrashing approach to Scratch Acid and its seedy drawl to The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and White Zombie, Give It Some Range could have been born atop a garbage heap and spent its formative years scratching in the corners of crumbling punk clubs – something helped by a video that’s seemingly taken its inspiration from the acid-soaked desert segment of Beavis And Butt-Head Do America.

Though it’s short, it’s certainly not sweet. That of course is the point, and its veritably rotten core is what makes Give It Some Range a song that it is both wonderfully out of place during the festive season and a superb primer for their first EP.

Verdict: Scuzzy garage finery

Damien Girling

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