‘Georgica Pond’ by Johnnyswim (Album)

Johnnyswim ‘Georgica Pond’ album cover

Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez: Johnnyswim’s songwriting couple

The husband and wife duo unleash their sparkling new album on the UK after achieving great success across the pond

Johnnyswim 'Georgica Pond' album coverJohnnyswim are Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez. The pair met in 2005 and began writing songs; in 2009 they got married. This is perhaps why they sound so comfortable singing together on record. Combining blues, pop, country and gospel to create a unique, well-crafted album, Georgica Pond is a pop record for adults.

The lyrics tell stories that have depth and realism, as can be heard in In My Arms. The gospel element comes to the foreground in Lonely Night In Georgia. While Hummingbird is dominated by a free-flowing guitar flying back and forth, under and over the vocals. Villains maintains a modern R&B vibe that will suit a younger audience.

It’s hard to find faults with this record. The songs will most likely draw in mature listeners, but this should not put off anyone under 23 from giving the record a listen. This is what pop music should sound like. Johnnyswim could be the tonic that cures the charts.

Verdict: The American Belle and Sebastian, anyone?

David Chrzanowski

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