EXCLUSIVE! ‘West Pier’ by CarbonWorks


Tonight’s exclusive is from the brilliant, CarbonWorks

Today’s exclusive song comes courtesy of a gifted songwriter who is also a world-recognized authority on both science and health

CarbonWorks is a group that draws together talented musicians from a variety of backgrounds. However, at their head is Neal Barnard. Barnard is not just a supremely gifted guitarist and songwriter, he is also a world-renowned physician.

With CarbonWorks, Barnard has written songs that touch upon a variety of genres: from avant-garde compositions for jazz, rock, classical, and Vietnamese players and plenty of foreign-language elements, Barnard’s work is never predictable.

As a physician, Barnard has authored more than 70 scientific publications and 18 books. He has also helped to revolutionise the nutritional treatment of diabetes and, as the founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, he has made a real difference to U.S. nutrition policies.

Today’s exclusive track is titled West Pier and of the song, Barnard says:

“In Brighton, on England’s southern coast, the West Pier juts out into the English Channel. Every evening, just before sundown, starlings arrive and do an incredible aerial dance, call murmurations, for about 20 minutes before settling in for the night. Night after night, people stand on the beach to watch the amazing aerobatics. It is hard to imagine what incredible communication abilities allow the birds to remain in tight formation, carving out artistic patterns at such speeds.

Adding: “In 2003, someone burned the West Pier in the middle of the night. They were never caught, and some suspected arson related to competition from the neighboring Palace Pier. And yet the birds still came night after night, doing their evening dance and then settling on the cold steel skeleton left behind by the fire, even in the bitter winter months. So the song is about love and the precariousness of life.”

If you’re a fan of rock, jazz or classically informed pop music, then we’re sure you’ll love West Pier. We also think followers of Soap&Skin and Sóley will adore the music of CarbonWorks. As always, though, we’ll leave the final assessment up to you…

Like that? Then find CarbonWorks on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or at their own website.

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