EXCLUSIVE! ‘To The Desert’ by John Stratton

John Stratton
John Stratton

John Stratton: California dreamin’

This week’s Thursday track exclusive comes from a singer-songwriter who’s based in sunny LA, and trails his forthcoming debut album

his week’s exclusive track is To The Desert by John Stratton, a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. It’s taken from his album We’ve Only Just Begun, which is out next month and which, says Stratton, documents the last five years of his life and his evolution as an artist.

Singing, playing guitar and writing songs since the age of 13, Stratton cites Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Billy Joel as his biggest influences. But to these ears there’s a pop sheen, too, to To The Desert that means it could appeal equally to fans of artists like Jack Johnson, Newton Faulkner or even Sam Smith.

Of the song itself, Stratton says: “To The Desert is both a desperate cry and a declaration. It’s my life’s anthem currently. Over a year ago, I moved out to a new valley knowing no one, yet had to believe that I was brought to this place for a reason. I hope this song can help people believe deeply in the things they are most passionate about, and encourage them that the journey each of us is on is a part of what makes our dreams come to life. This song is a fight against giving up. So often we must see our dreams come to life in the desert, and believe that we are here for a reason.”

So, have a listen and see what you think…

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