EXCLUSIVE! ‘On My Own’ by Katie Garibaldi

Katie Garibaldi
Katie Garibaldi

Katie Garibaldi. Pic by Anna Haas.

For this week’s first exclusive, San Francisco folk/country singer-songwiter Katie Garibaldi shares her brand new live video with Songwriting readers

Our first exclusive this week comes once more in video form, as San Francisco singer-songwriter Katie Garibaldi gives Songwriting readers a world-first look at the live video for her song On My Own. The track is taken from her recent EP Rooted Clarity, and the video sees her performing the song at the EP release party.

With eight albums under her belt already, Garibaldi’s music has explored a range of influences – her last long-player Follow Your Heart was a full-blown country album, but the Rooted Clarity EP sees her returning to a folkier sound. Along the way, she’s picked up numerous awards and accolades from various magazines, websites and radio stations, as well as an endorsement from Breedlove Stringed Instruments.

Of On My Own, she tells us: “This is a song I wrote about self-discovery and the journey of following unknown paths where dreams lead, even if it means leaving behind old beliefs and people you once hung onto. It’s a song about growing up and opening yourself up to the endless possibilities that the world has to offer, taking chances in life, and ultimately becoming a better person with the experience gained. It was one of the first songs we recorded in the studio for the EP and it was very touching to finally play it live with these wonderful musicians for the first time at the San Francisco release show. The creation of Rooted Clarity has been one of the best experiences I’ve had and it was exciting to celebrate these songs live, especially with such a fantastic audience.”

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