Casio completes Celviano digital piano range

Casio GH400BK
Casio GH400BK

Casio GH-400BK: the newly launched Celviano Grand Hybrid digital piano

The electronics manufacturer expands its Grand Hybrid range of pianos, integrating new features and aesthetics, with the newly launched GP-400BK

September 2015 saw Casio introduce the Celviano Grand Hybrid digital pianos and the recently launched GP-400 model completes the portfolio. The manufacturer’s pursuit of a keyboard with a touch like a grand piano’s led to the development of a new keyboard system, the Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard. This technology includes full-length piano keys that use the same materials and processes as found in C. Bechstein grand pianos. The Celviano Grand Hybrid pianos also boast a new action mechanism that aims to deliver authentic grand piano hammer movement.

Similarly, featured in all models within Casio’s Grand Hybrid portfolio, the AiR Grand Sound Source recreates the same sound and reverberation like that of a grand piano. The technology allows even and natural tonal changes, while the String Resonance System, is designed to deliver the string resonance of a grand piano, controlling the amount and combination of resonance according to the playing situation. Every aspect, including Damper Resonance, Lid Simulation and Key Release Simulation, furthers the experience of a grand piano.

Furthermore, Casio has developed a Grand Acoustic System that generates a space of three-dimensional sound and represents the sound of a grand piano as it emanates from above and below the soundboard. Through the positioning of six speakers and the creation of sound pathways, the multi-channel amplification system creates an immersive sound field, and a Headphone mode is also included.

Casio’s Celviano Grand Hybrid digital pianos come with the sounds of three legendary grands: Berlin Grand, Hamburg Grand and Vienna Grand. A Concert Play feature provides the ability to have accompaniment and expanded concert play, where the tempo can be slowed down to facilitate practice and accompanying songs downloaded from the internet using USB flash memory.

“Casio has always been a technology driven company, and our lineup of Grand Hybrid pianos brings new and innovative technologies to the market that greatly surpass conventional digital pianos,” said Casio’s Stephen Schmidt. “The GP-500 and GP-300, as well as the newly launched GP-400, showcase Casio’s commitment to producing high-quality products that consumers have come to know and expect.”

The new GP-400BK is available now at select music dealers nationwide at a typical retail price of $4,999 (approx. £3,775), with the GP-300 priced at $3,999 (approx. £3,021) and the GP-500BP is $5,999 (approx. £4,525). To learn more about Casio’s Celviano line of digital pianos, visit

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