EXCLUSIVE! ‘My Man Jerry Back’ by 4a Stables

4a Stables

Today’s exclusive is from the excellent, 4a Stables

Our first exclusive of spring is an ambient, cinematic, and intergalactic song that’ll provide the perfect soundtrack to your day

4a Stables​ are comprised of multi-instrumentalists Colin Ryan, Jeremy Benson, and Rob Lombardo. The trio have two decades of experience making music and they’ve used it to create cinematic indie that you’re going to love.

They bring you today’s exclusive track, My Man Jerry Back, and of the song they say: “My Man Jerry Back re-establishes a melodic theme that occurs in two other songs over the course of the album [Bugboy]. It manifests here, first implied in the strummed chords, then more fully in the choral arrangement.”

They’ve been compared to Tom Waits, Johnny Greenwood, and Ennio Morricone. Are those nods accurate? Find out by listening below…

Like that? Then head over to 4a Stables’ Instagram, ​Facebook, and website to find out more. And if you enjoy what you find there, Bugboy is out on 30 March and you can pre-order it here.

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