EXCLUSIVE! ‘Mother’ by Matthew McNeal

Matthew McNeal
Matthew McNeal

Matthew McNeal: Texas troubadour

Something for lovers of trad-style Americana in this week’s Thursday track exclusive, which comes from Fort Worth-based singer-songwriter Matthew McNeal

his week’s Thursday track exclusive comes from Matthew McNeal, an Americana artist based in Fort Worth, Texas. His album Compadre is out next month, and today Songwriting is delighted to bring you a world-first listen to one track from it, Mother.

Matthew started writing songs from a very young age, and played in a number of bands in Texas before deciding to pursue a solo career in 2012. He cites Shakey Graves, The Avett Brothers and Kings of Leon as being among his key influences, and says of Mother, which tells of his parents’ relationship breaking down when he was a child: “Mother is one of those tracks that really hits home for me. There aren’t many songs out there about divorce, so I wanted to try my hand at telling a story about a topic that’s very close to my heart.”

“The song has a gospel-like feel and that’s definitely intentional,” Matthew continues. “Though the song tells a story of divorce, I wanted to bring hope into the picture. I wanted to make sure I made it known that no matter what circumstances someone comes from, whether it be divorce or whatever the case may be, that heartache doesn’t have to define them. I wanted to use that hurt and pain as fuel, bringing a sense of strength and determination to strive for something better.”

So without further ado… here’s the track!

Like that? You can find out more about Matthew McNeal by visiting his Facebook and Soundcloud pages, or following him YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

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