EXCLUSIVE! 4th annual gala video by One Found Sound

One Found Sound
One Found SoundOne Found Sound

Today’s exclusive is by the brilliant, One Found Sound

It’s a first for you today, dear readers: a live video from an absolutely wonderful, collaborative, conductorless, chamber orchestra. Enjoy!

One Found Sound were formed in 2013 by five graduates of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Their mission? To engage and inspire their audience by challenging preconceptions about what an orchestral performance is.

They’ve been kind enough to give us exclusive access to a live video from their 4th annual gala. Of the performance, co-founder Sarah Bonomo says:

“Our concerts are more like events than standard classical music performances. They are a public space where our musicians and members of our community can share a creative and artistic experience. We remove standard classical music performance barriers: we perform standing up and without a stage, we encourage phone use or clapping or vocalizing if the music so moves you, and our audience sits or stands close to us. We want our audience to be able to be a part of the full sensory experience of our performances, and removing these barriers is instrumental in achieving this goal.”

They’ve been compared to Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, A Far Cry, and Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra. Hit play on the video below to find out…

If you like that, we suggest you head to their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube profiles. If that takes your fancy and you’re based in San Francisco, CA, you can buy tickets for their 5th annual gala at Heron Arts on 27 April here.

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