EXCLUSIVE! ‘Holding On’ by The Luck

The Luck
The Luck

‘Holding On’: “It just made sense.”

Our first exclusive for you this week is a wonderfully delicate number from a superb London born sibling folk duo

Brother and sister folk duo The Luck offer a real treat for you lucky readers, with a crisp and affecting song that pays careful homage to the influence of Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Cranberries on their songwriting.

Born in London, Max and Esmay Luck have had an interest in music since childhood, when they both sang in choirs and became multi-instrumentalists. Five years ago they brought together their musical gifts to create The Luck and they’ve not looked back since.

They’ve played across the UK and US and in 2014 decamped to Los Angeles, where they recorded their debut EP, True North with Paul Broucek, President of Music at Warner Brothers Pictures, and three-time Grammy Award-winning engineer/mixer, Ed Cherney.

Of tonight’s exclusive Max says: “Holding On was written in London at Esmay’s friends house one autumn afternoon. I had a guitar and we just sort of played and sung the song into existence, looking out the window at the London streets, drinking tea! It took about an hour to write and is a song about being there for someone you love and helping them get through a tough time. In the back of our mind, it was about our parents. The video was filmed up in Runyon Canyon earlier this year, just next to Laurel Canyon – the place we visited when we first came to LA and where a lot of our musical heroes spent time. We wanted to find somewhere calm and tranquil up there to capture an unplugged one-take performance of this song – when we found that spot, it just made sense.”

They’ve been likened to The Civil Wars, Fleetwood Mac and Parachute. We also think that they recall the work of Paper Aeroplanes and The Crayon Set and that fans of those two acts will adore Holding On. As always, though, we’ll let you decide on that…

Like that? Then find The Luck on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook or at their own website.

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