EXCLUSIVE! ‘Goodbye’ by Lewis Fieldhouse

Lewis Fieldhouse
Lewis Fieldhouse

Lewis Fieldhouse: he says ‘Goodbye’, we say hello…

This week’s Thursday exclusive is ‘Goodbye’ by Lewis Fieldhouse, a radio-friendly grown-up pop ditty coming to you in video form

hursday’s here once more, which means it’s once more time for a world exclusive here at Songwriting. This week’s offering is the video for Goodbye by British singer-songwriter Lewis Fieldhouse. Hailing from the north of England, Lewis relocated to London in 2013 and has been attracting a fair amount of attention in the blogosphere of late, building anticipation for his soon-come debut album nicely.

Lewis says of Goodbye: “For a while before this song was written I’d been writing some pretty deep stuff lyrically and I really wanted to leave that behind for a little while (spoiler: it turned into a long time). I had the image in my mind of someone holding an umbrella upside down in the rain, running around catching the drops, like something Winnie The Pooh would do I guess. So that was the nucleus of the song, this innocent game of catching raindrops.

“I got some chords together, and a riff, and started to play around with the feeling of that space. The sticky heat of summer, the sting I was feeling after a fling had taken a nosedive. Then it all came together. I wanted to get back to the fun of summer: life isn’t about moping about something you weren’t sure about anyway. Get back out there and catch some raindrops!”

The hype sheet recommends this one “for fans of” Jason Mraz, George Ezra and Sufjan Stevens… we’d add Passenger and Ed Sheeran to that list but see what you think!

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