Leo Napier

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Dime’ by Leo Napier

Leo Napier

Leo Napier is a gifted new soul songwriter

Tonight’s exclusive’s a first for you lucky readers, as a sublime new soul artist tells you about his debut single

London based soul singer Leo Napier has already worked with some huge names in music, having contributed several songs to projects by Griz and Gramatik. This has seen him championed by publications as noted as Electric Sloth, Stereofox and your very own Songwriting.

We recently picked Leo’s track Dime as one of our songs of the day. Now we’ve been given an exclusive interview with the Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and Bruno Mars inspired songwriter, where he explains the backstory to his sublime debut single.

If that wasn’t enough he’s added this: “Having worked with EDM artists, Griz and Gramatik, in a collaborative sense over the past couple years, I’m excited to finally release some music that speaks to my own personal brand of soul. And It still amazes me how the story of Dime came about. There were many fateful steps from the day I wrote it to the day we shot the music video for it. And I’m really happy with what we’ve come up with. The song itself is the composition of a love-sick kid, but the video speaks from a more cynical perspective of the world. In other words, I wrote it about the perfect girl, but the video implies that perfection is unreachable. The fact that this irony came about by chance is a good omen to me.”

We know you’ve already heard it, but hey, it’s good enough that we knew that you’d want to listen to Dime again…


Like that? Then find Leo Napier on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook or at his own website.

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