EXCLUSIVE! ‘Come Back To Me’ by Casey McQuillen

Casey McQuillen
Casey McQuillen

Tonight’s exlusive is from the excellent Casey McQuillen.

Our final exclusive of October is by a songwriter who’s using her gift for writing to help children overcome bullying

US songwriter Casey McQuillen is an artist who’s using her gift for making music not just to bring joy to her fans, but also to help empower school children who have experienced or who are suffering from bullying.

Explaining her reasons for taking on a role as an anti-bullying advocate, McQuillen says: “I have never met a 15-year-old who thinks they came out of middle school unscathed. It is so hard to hold on to self-confidence at a time in your life when you have so many insecurities, whether it be about your appearance, your grades or your friends; it’s universal.”

Of tonight’s exclusive McQuillen says: “The Come Back To Me video is a great example of that saying — “Necessity is the mother of invention”! My director, Aaron Dean, and I had to figure out how to make this video look like was it produced by a major label when all we had to work with was an indie budget. After many hours, we eventually settled on Aaron’s idea of using photographs to trigger the flashbacks of the song. Aaron had every second planned out. Throughout the shoot, we benefited not only from the hard work and talent of our crew but literally the kindness of strangers.

Continuing: “I dedicate this video to Glen, the man who answered the knock on his door that Saturday morning and saved the day by letting us borrow his white pick-up truck after ours sprung a gas leak on a back road in rural NJ. This process taught me that hard work and creativity take you part of the way but that it is the support of family, friends, and random strangers that get you to the finish line!”

She’s been likened to Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and JoJo. Those are some big names but we’re just going to add to the expectation on Casey McQuillen, by recommending that fans of Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson will also dig her sound. As always, though, the decision that rests with you…

Like that? Then find Casey McQuillen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or at her own website.

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