EXCLUSIVE! ‘Circling The Drain’ by Mad Meg

Mad Meg
Mad Meg

Mad Meg will get you dancing whether you want to or not!

Summer may be nearly over in the northern hemisphere, but tonight’s exclusive will remind you the sun’s always shining somewhere

New York-based and Moscow-raised photographer and singer-songwriter Ilya Popenko fronts revolving five to six-piece “punk chanson noir” act Mad Meg, a band who treat it as their personal mission to get your hips swaying.

Having released their debut EP Shake It Like You’re Dead three years ago, the sometime sextet are now ready to unleash their maiden LP Puberty Tales at the end of this week (Friday 29 September).

Circling The Drain features on Puberty Tales and Popenko says of the track: “Circling The Drain is medical slang used to describe a patient for whom death is impending and yet he continues to cling to life. The song is a call to action. It asks the listener to set aside all the petty grievances and embrace those little things that one still might enjoy no matter how imperfect they may be because time is limited and death is the next stop.”

They’ve been likened to Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello. We couldn’t agree more, especially with the later comparison, and believe that fans of Balkan Beat Box and A Hawk And A Hacksaw will love Circling The Drain too. As always, though, we’ll leave the final assessment on that up to you…

Like that? Then find Mad Meg on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram or at their own website.

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