EXCLUSIVE! ‘Castaway’ by The Franklys

The Franklys
The Franklys

The Franklys: “Like The Hives, but with better hair and make-up.”

Tonight’s first (that’s right folks) exclusive is courtesy of a superb London-based garage rock quartet who’ll have your toes tapping

All girl London-based garage rock quartet The Franklys offer you a tantalising sample of their ridiculously catchy punk sound on their new song Castaway, ahead of the release of their debut album in Spring 2017.

Of their sound the band say: “We play garage rock with elements of heavy rock and punk, and have been described as “Like The Hives, but with better hair and make-up” and “Welding Kiss like rifferama with the energy and excitement of The Stooges and The Runaways.”

The Hives are a fair reference point and we’ll also throw The Vines and The Von Bondies into the mix. Why? Because we can. As always, though, it’s up to you to dispute those comparisons by listening to the track below:

Like that? Then find The Franklys on Twitter and Facebook or at their own website.

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      • Hardwick

        That’ is not my comment regarding the previous drummer. that was made by someone using my name. I am not the drummer, a punter who listens to music. In fact this band are full of themselves & for what I ask. Let the listeners listen to make their own choice. Unclassy ladies!

        • Haramble

          Harwick (or Hardwick?) seem to be having an identity crisis if you can’t spell your own name? Who said you were a drummer anywhere on this thread? Anyway, you’re right – the listeners should be allowed to make up their own minds, so posting unnecessary hate achieves nothing. If you don’t like it then that’s your opinion but what is the motivation to post the hate. Live and let live.

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