EXCLUSIVE! ‘Carly Van Skaik EP’ by Carly Van Skaik

Carly Van Skaik

Carly Van Skaik

Today’s exclusive is a real treat for your ears, courtesy of the baroque pop of Hollywood-based songwriter Carly Van Skaik

There can’t be too many music fans out there to have missed the existence of Lana Del Rey, what with her near ubiquity in the world of baroque pop. And if you’re a Del Rey fan, then the discovery of Carly Van Skaik could be the highlight of your week.

Carly moved to Los Angeles from St John (part of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea) aged 13, before choosing Austin, Texas for her college studies. It was while in Austin that she developed a love of live music, but it was returning to LA five years ago that convinced her to begin writing her own songs. It didn’t take her much to get going, and having started she quickly gained the attention of the LA music scene, with her music featuring on the network shows Shameless and The Magicians.

Her self-titled EP has a touch of stardust to it too, having been recorded by the Grammy-nominated Dan Burns, who engineered Taylor Swift’s world tour. Speaking of the EP, Carly says it’s “about letting go of the things that no longer serve you. For me that was letting go of toxic relationships, and while that was a difficult thing to do it was a blessing because it was also the beginning of my journey in discovering my voice as human being and as an artist.”

Carly Van Skaik has frequently been likened to the aforementioned Lana Del Rey, as well as Mazzy Star and Nancy Sinatra. We also think fans of Sky Ferreira, MS MR and Lorde will find much to enjoy in Carly’s music. As always, though, we leave that assessment up to your capable ears…


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