‘Cities Made Of Sand’ by The Cover Letter (EP)

The Cover Letter ‘Cities Made Of Sand’ EP artwork
The Cover Letter by Alex Gray

The Cover Letter: a band capable of balancing their rousing side with a devotion to classic songwriting. Photo: Alex Gray

This Austin outfit prove themselves to be masters of light and shade on this delightful collection of six new tracks

The Cover Letter 'Cities Made Of Sand' EP artworkFrom its first note, the new EP from rising Austin alt-folk act The Cover Letter proves to be a captivating listen. Somethings gets things underway with co-vocalists Chelsea Barbo and Jacob Shipman tirelessly trading vocals. A clever guitar line, drum rolls and hand claps lend a hand to create a rousing opener. In My Soul keeps the energy high, as its frolicking pace bounds. Aware of the need for a shift in dynamics, the opening of Pale Shadow casts some darkness over the proceedings, dragging an angst-filled vocal out of Shipman. Just as the atmosphere is growing too tense, the music races away once again.

Josephine finds Barbo and Shipman exchanging romantic lines over a sweet melody. What could be overly twee comes across as heartfelt, helped by the swirling guitars and harmonica which sweep the pair along. Risky Moonshine is a classic country rock number and the charming Lullaby brings the EP to a close.

There’s a strong sense throughout that each member is bringing something to the music, adding their own influence to create something substantial. Cities Made Of Sand proves The Cover Letter to be a band capable of balancing their rousing side with a devotion to classic songwriting – what’s not to like.

Verdict: Dynamic alt-folk

Duncan Haskell

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