‘When Worlds Collide’ by Circumnavigate (Album)

Circumnavigate ‘When Worlds Collide’ album cover

Circumnavigate: often described as a folk band

Blow away winter’s cobwebs with this promising versatile four-piece, who’s debut album will without a doubt surprise you beyond belief

Circumnavigate 'When Worlds Collide' album coverIf you like your music stripped back and intimate, then this is the band for you. Circumnavigate have gifted the world a debut album that celebrates the lives and relationships of people from all backgrounds and cultures.

It’s easy to hear why Circumnavigate have been compared to Sigur Rós. Every song on the album is full of cinematic flare, using trumpets, keys, unique drum patterns and sound effects to create standout music. While the flawless four-part harmonies bring warmth and a sense of comfort.

Circumnavigate are often described as a folk band. However, When Worlds Collide isn’t reminiscing back to the days of drum circles and shoeless protesters; the album has a modern sound. The band have played for Gabrielle Aplin, rock singer Adam Lambert, rapper Maverick Sabre, and Crystal Fighters, proving that they can adapt and fit into the wider music world.

On opening track Dreamer there is an element of Kate Bush in the voice of singer Sigrid Zeiner-Gundersen. Her range and ability are second to none and it’s a talent that will help elevate the band above their peers as their career progresses.

Secret has a chorus that invites you in to sing-along; the lyrics are clear and contain a sense of despair and regret, and those stunning four-part harmonies are put on display again. Space In Between has a contemporary jazz feel to it, but the vocals have a soul/R&B vibe.

When Worlds Collide is much more than just another folk album. There are more influences at play, and the band often moves across the genre lines. But forget about labels and just enjoy this album for what it is: a collection of well-written and superbly performed songs.

Verdict: Musicianship at its finest

Dave Chrzanowski

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