Carolina EP by TEEN (EP)

TEEN-Carolina EP


TEEN take shoegaze into altogether more psychedelic territory, with the ‘Carolina EP’, the follow-up to their debut LP ‘In Limbo’

TEEN-Carolina EP

EEN’s Carolina EP has the feel of something epic from the first few moments of the record’s title track opener. Following on from the female quartet’s excellent 2012 debut LP In Limbo, the band are part of the new wave of groups that use the inspiration of indie-pop and shoegaze before taking it in a slightly different direction. In the case of groups like the brilliant No Joy, another all-girl collective, this difference in direction enters into the murky waters of grunge, giving an altogether more claustrophobic sense of feel. For TEEN they have directed themselves into psychedelia.

The title track opener adds a watery sound to TEEN’s dense and lovingly layered approach, lending a 60s feel to the song. This watery sound is also apparent in the outstanding Cannibal, which, with its fantastic bassline and ethereal vocals represents the EP’s highlight and is a song which demands repeat listens.

Lead singer Teeny Lieberson says she was inspired by Al Green and Kate Bush to sign in a higher register on the Carolina EP, however on Glass Cage it’s Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan who she is most reminiscent of; the music too shares the grace that defines Khan’s songwriting. TEEN close the EP with the epic Paradise. It’s a song which sounds like My Bloody Valentine writing the closing track to a 70s stoner film: beautiful and nostalgic.

TEEN say that they wrote the Carolina EP with the live setting in mind, picking instruments that they would only be able to perform in a live environment. With this in mind, the logical next step, after buying a copy of Carolina EP, would be to secure a ticket to one of their performances, because they are sure to be truly spectacular.

Verdict: Psychedelic shoegaze with an epic feel

Damien Girling

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