Black Sun by Death Cab For Cutie (Single)

Death Cab For Cutie Black Sun
Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie have lost none of their songwriting skill

‘Black Sun’ sees Death Cab For Cutie thankfully remaining true to the high standard that fans have come to expect

lack Sun is the first single to be released by Washington indie-rock stalwarts Death Cab For Cutie since 2011’s Underneath the Sycamore, and with album number eight – Kintsugi – due at the end of March, it offers fans a glimpse of what might be to come. Opening with the sort of lazy, mid-paced melody the band have made their trademark, before a pulsating synth line creeps in, the tone is subdued yet tempting, keeping the listener guessing whether the track will rise or sink. It’s the former that Black Sun elects for, with a ringing riff catching the ear agreeably towards the final third, before easing back into the gentle pace that preceded with a delicate outro.

As far as tasters go, this offers fans just what they want; a clear indication that the band have lost none of their songwriting skill, while teasing for more with shades of development. Black Sun is a fitting appetiser for what promises to be an intriguing addition to the Death Cab catalogue.

Verdict: Fine indie-rock that sets up the new album expertly

Damien Girling

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