A Very Songwriting Christmas Playlist


Get in the festive spirit by listening to our Christmas playlist

To celebrate the beginning of the official countdown to Christmas, we’ve compiled a selection of classic Christmas songs for you

f like us you’re feeling the initial pangs of Christmas excitement after opening the first door on your advent calendar, then take that Christmas spirit and ramp it up to 11 with the Songwriting Magazine playlist. Featuring 14 tracks that include artists such as Shakin’ Stevens, The Pogues, East 17, Wham!, Brenda Lee and of course, Slade, A Very Songwriting Christmas Playlist has been keeping ears warm in the Songwriting office and is our very own Christmas gift to you.

With gifts in mind, Christmas is a time to treat not just your colleagues, friends and loved ones, but yourself too. So reward yourself for the long hard hours you’ve spent queuing in shops and searching for bargains, and treat yourself to a copy of our app by following the links below.


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