TRIO’s a crowd with DigiTech’s band in a box

DigiTech TRIO pedal
DigiTech TRIO pedal

DigiTech’s TRIO pedal – “an entirely new type of musical accompaniment device”

DigiTech’s new pedal listens to your guitar and instantly generates bass and drums to match the chord progressions and rhythm

oasting Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix among its previous customer list, DigiTech – the world’s largest manufacturer of guitar products – has announced the launch of their TRIO ‘band in a box’ pedal. The TRIO listens to what is played on the guitar and automatically generates bass and drum parts that match chord progressions and rhythmic feel.

The user plugs a guitar into TRIO, presses the footswitch – to teach TRIO the chords and rhythm – then presses it again to start playing with a customised personal band. The pedal provides seven music genres to choose from – alternative rock, blues, country, jazz, pop, R&B, and rock – and up to 12 song styles are available for each genre. TRIO can also learn up to three different songs parts – for example, verse, chorus and bridge – which can then be recalled, on the fly, as the song plays back. TRIO can connect to a guitar amp or directly into a mixer for use with a PA system, but it also has a headphone amp with level control.

“TRIO is like no pedal ever created – it’s an entirely new type of musical accompaniment device,” declares Tom Cram, DigiTech’s Marketing Manager. “With TRIO, one musician can now sound like a full band. It’s an incredibly creative and useful performance too for solo artists, or just a great way to have fun while practicing and jamming.”

Distributed exclusively by Sound Technology in the UK and Republic Of Ireland, the DigiTech TRIO is on sale now at a recommended retail price of £149. For more details visit or

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