John Mayer and PRS create a Super Eagle

John Mayer. Pic: Katie Friesema
John Mayer. Pic: Katie Friesema

John Mayer playing the PRS Private Stock Super Eagle. Pic: Katie Friesema

PRS Guitars and John Mayer announce a special run of the Private Stock Super Eagle, the guitar they designed together

Guitar maker Paul Reed Smith and Grammy-winning musician John Mayer have chosen to collaborate on the design of the Private Stock Super Eagle electric guitar. According to PRS, the goal of the partnership was to “create a highly sophisticated and unique instrument that at once reveres the history of guitar-making and guitar tone but pushes the boundaries of materials, design and craftsmanship.”

“Working with John has been a truly rewarding experience. His knowledge and understanding of guitars is highly sophisticated,” said Paul Reed Smith. “We were on the phone on a literally daily basis attacking this project, and I am so proud to see this guitar on stage and in the studio with John and to be able to offer it to musicians and collectors to enjoy.”

Some of the personalised specifications Mayer and Smith decided on for this run of instruments include a 25.375-inch scale length, specially-wound 58/15 JM treble and bass pickups with a specially-wound Narrowfield JM pickup in the middle position – with three individual coil-tap mini-switches – and a JCF Audio preamp with treble boost. A hand-signed sticker in the f-hole of the guitar was designed by Mayer’s friend David Smith, who also designed the cover art for Mayer’s 2012 album Born And Raised.

“Paul and I worked very closely to create this guitar, and the result is an incredibly refined and elegant instrument,” explains John Mayer. “It has a completely new sound and spirit. It’s been a joy to play and I’m excited to share that experience with other guitar players.”

The PRS Private Stock Super Eagle is available for order from now until 1 April 2016 only, with production capped at 100 instruments. For more details, visit:

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