New Blue Grand puts a Steinway piano at your fingertips

Sound Magic Blue Grand
Sound Magic Blue Grand

A screenshot of Sound Magic’s Blue Grand 3.0 user interface

Sound Magic has released the third version of its Blue Grand software, a hybrid modeled 1927 Steinway D grand piano

irtual piano software developer, Sound Magic has released the third version of the Blue Grand software, modeled on a Steinway D Grand that was originally manufactured in 1927. Blue Grand version 3.0 is a newly developed product using Hybrid Modelling technology, which aims to combine the realistic sound from sampling with the playability of a modelled piano. Its new Multi-Dimension Resonance Engine can provide different types of resonance and interact with the keys being played.

Here’s what the developer says about the new version: “The unique feature of Blue Grand is that you can forge your own sound with it. Through Sound Magic’s online customize sound system, you can easily forge your personal sound. You not only get a standard Steinway sound, but you also get a sound fit for your taste. And more importantly, other Blue Grand users do not have this sound because it is customised for you only. This makes Blue Grand unique to you and cannot duplicate. It will become your ‘secret’ weapon in your music production.”

Blue Grand also utilises a Neo Piano Engine, featuring a custom built Hybrid DFD/RAM system which can be optimised for different playing applications. So if you’re using an old system with low RAM, or a top performance 64-bit system with plenty of memory, you can choose to play Neo Piano totally from RAM. Alternatively, a balance of DFD and RAM samples can be utilised to optimize general performance, so in all cases the sound quality remains at the highest level. For live stage performances, the entire piano sample set can be loaded into RAM, removing any worries about OS interference with hard disc access.

Sound Magic’s Blue Grand costs £105 (€149/$169) and is available for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X in VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats. To find out more, visit

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