Midem and Universal Music offer mentoring opportunity

Midem & Universal Music
Midem & Universal Music

Are you a songwriter or producer? Then register for this year’s Midem event by 1 April

Are you an aspiring songwriter or producer struggling to get the right attention among the throng of peers and competitors?

It’s no secret that standing out in the music industry is difficult with artists spending more time on PR than writing songs. So, in an attempt to help educate the next generation of songwriters and producers, Universal Music is offering the chance to meet their publishing team.

The company is teaming up with Midem and Muzooka for an event in Cannes. Taking place between 4-7 June 2019, with registrations being accepted until 1 April. During the event, Universal specialists will talk about the role a music publisher plays in today’s industry and how the role has evolved in recent years. They will also advise songwriters and producers on how to get a publishing deal, improve their profile and how to make money and diversify in an ever-changing music business.

Launched in 1967, Midem is an international event that supports the global music community. While Muzooka provides a platform for artists and their teams to manage media assets, ensuring musicians and rights holders get paid when their songs are played.

For more information about the event and the submission form, visit midem.com

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