Minor Victories

Indie supergroup Minor Victories announce debut album

February 24, 2016 in News

The band features members of Slowdive, Mogwai and Editors, who all work entirely remotely. Their album’s out on 3 June…


‘Woe’ by Ex Libras (EP)

November 5, 2015 in Music

Strap yourself in for a collection of soaring rock that’ll have post-rock kids cooing as much as their post-hardcore buddies…

Young Burns by Fine, It's Pink (Single)

‘Young Burns’ by Fine, It’s Pink (Single)

July 29, 2015 in Music

‘Young Burns’ sees the aptly named Romanian act Fine, It’s Pink engaging in melodic dreaminess that belies their psych-rock tag…

Nanook Of The North Sweet Jubilee

Sweet Jubilee by Nanook Of The North (Single)

May 21, 2014 in Music

On ‘Sweet Jubilee’, the frostily named Bristol group Nanook Of The North meld together ambling indie-rock melodies and post-rock atmospherics…