‘Young Burns’ by Fine, It’s Pink (Single)

Young Burns by Fine, It’s Pink (Single)

Elements of trip-hop and dream pop combine on ‘Young Burns’ to create a sound that’s spacious and welcoming

‘Young Burns’ sees the aptly named Romanian act Fine, It’s Pink engaging in melodic dreaminess that belies their psych-rock tag

Young Burns by Fine, It's Pink (Single)outhful Romanian band Fine, It’s Pink may have been grouped among the psych-rock crowd, but on their debut single Young Burns there’s far too much delicacy for such pigeonholing.

The first clue is in the vocals; sitting somewhere between the frailty of Daughter’s Elena Tonra and certainty of Clean Bandit’s Grace Chatto, they hang over the melodies with a ready supply of grace and let the music go subtly about its business. That business sees the band delving into elements of trip-hop and dream pop to create a sound that’s spacious and welcoming, while imbued with the grandiose ambition of post-rock.

Young Burns isn’t possessed of a hook per se; rather, it chooses to build soundscapes designed to suck you in and strap your ears into an ambient vacuum. However, the skill with which this is carried out, allied to the superb vocals, means that Young Burns will stick in your head long after it’s finished.

Verdict: Effortlessly melodic dream pop

Damien Girling

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