‘The Art Of Living: Listening Without Ears’ to air on BBC Radio 4

Eloise Garland
Eloise Garland

Catch Eloise Garland’s ‘The Art Of Living: Listening Without Ears’ on Radio 4 this December

Musician presents documentary which will talk to deaf musicians about their emotional connection with art and how they create music

Eloise Garland graduated from City, University of London, completing a Music BMus degree in 2016. She is a multi-instrumentalist and classical singer who is also deaf.

But that hasn’t stopped Garland from pursuing a career in music – she will shortly travel to Brussels for a BBC Radio 4 documentary she is presenting.

The programme, The Art Of Living: Listening Without Ears, will feature other deaf musicians as they discuss music accessibility for those with hearing loss. The documentary will also explore different ways to teach people how to play and appreciate music.

Garland began to lose her hearing when she was seven years old. At the age of 15, she joined the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Choir. Now aged 23, she’s a professional singer, pianist and violinist who works as a music teacher.

The Art Of Living: Listening Without Ears will air on Tuesday 12 December at 11:30 on BBC Radio 4.

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