Kate Nash: Why the music industry is failing artists


Kate Nash speaks out against bullying and sexism in the music industry. Image by Bobo Boom. Creative Commons

Ahead of her acting role in Netflix wrestling series ‘Glow’, singer-songwriter Kate Nash takes a stand against the music industry

Ten years on from her debut album Made Of Bricks, and after a string of acting roles, Kate Nash reveals why she is going back to basics. Her comments were made hours before new series Glow debuted on Netflix, in which the singer stars.

Bullying, put downs and constant criticism. It sounds like treatment from tabloid newspapers, not professional music managers. But Nash says all those things are rife in the industry, especially towards female artists. Unfortunately, her story is backed up by facts and figures. A report from PRS Foundation, released earlier this year, highlighted that 80% of women working in the music industry have experienced sexism.

“I look back on myself, and some of the ways I was being talked to, and not taken care of is appalling,” Nash explains, adding: “I would never treat an 18-year-old girl the way some of the men in the industry were treating me.”

Nash reveals she was suffering while experiencing success. This was the reason she decided to fund her latest album through Kickstarter, as she explains: “I started on MySpace, and Kickstarter is like a new version. I just put my faith in my fans, and I’ve had an amazing response.”

Glow is a comedy drama set around fictionalised characters of the 1980s women’s professional wrestling league called Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, also known as GLOW. The full series was released on Netflix today (June 23).

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